Is There Life After Death?


I am so grateful for everything Dr. Osborn has done for myself and my family. She has opened communication lines between us that I thought were permanently closed and healed relationships that were strained. She has helped us grow together as a family unit through individual CBT therapy, one on one talk therapy, and group family therapy. She digs in deep and keeps everyone working together. Her constant solution finding, even if it requires referrals to other programs or doctors creates an upward and onward approach. I don’t think there are words that could quite express the depth of my (our) gratitude for what she has done for our family.
— Robert

I have consulted with Dr. Osborn for over 20 years and place her in the top 5 experts in CBT that I have known in my nearly 4 decades as a psychologist. Long before I closed my private practice to join the US Army, she became my #1 referral resource in Southern California. Her skills and caring demeanor give me the confidence and assurance that all of her clients are in good hands.
— MAJ Mike Masters, US Army Psychologist

My family and I had the honor of meeting Dr. Osborn while she was still at UCI and have since witnessed her develop a flourishing practice. Her approach to dealing with life’s issues has been extremely helpful in mending some wounds that weren’t healed in other forms of therapy. We are very grateful for all she has done to get us all on track and focus on what we should direct our minds to think about on a daily basis. I would call upon Dr. Osborn immediately if I needed some of her highly trained guidance and experience.
— Denise F.

I have been to a few therapists and have never found one that I felt was able to help me like Dr. Osborn has. Her professionalism and knowledge in her field got me feeling better about myself and understanding how to cope and deal with situations that happen in everyday life.

I have worked with many psychotherapists over the past thirty years and by far Julie Osborn, is one of the top clinicians I know.

She is one of the most down to earth, no-nonsense persons I know, and I highly recommend her to begin the process of change through therapy.